Entrees and Main Dishes Recipes

Main Dishes

Family favorites passed down from Grandma, plus new yummy dishes to add into your meal rotation!  Perfect for busy weeknights or laid back weekends.

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Appetizers and Side Dish Recipes

Side Dishes and Appetizers

Yummy finger foods and side dishes.  Perfect for special occasions, entertaining, holiday dinners or family game night!

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Desserts Recipes

Desserts and Treats

Yummy treats and sweets!  It doesn’t have to be a holiday or party – make any day special with some scrumptious snacks and pretty desserts!

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Let’s get this kitchen party started!

We are recipe renegades with a flair for reinventing old favorites. Mixing and swapping flavors, textures and techniques. Adding a scrumptious new twist to a beloved classic dish is the name of our foodie game!  Whether you’re grilling, baking, cooking or creating a new no bake favorite – it should be FUN, not a chore.  


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